The clarinet is one of the most beautiful instruments and now you can learn to play it comfortably from home or wherever you prefer.

Has it happened to you?

  • You have always wanted to learn the clarinet, but you think:

    • I don't have time to move.
    • I'm too old now to learn the clarinet.
    • I'm sure it's very expensive and I can't afford it.
    • It will be too complicated for me.
    • It's just... I don't know anything about music!

  • Well today, I'm going to brighten your day, because:

    • You can learn comfortably from your home (or wherever you prefer...)
    • Your age doesn't matter. If you are over 7 years old, you can start learning the clarinet with me now!
    • The course will cost you less than €3 per lesson, and if you take advantage of the 50% discount, you can learn the clarinet for the price of a coffee!
    • The course is for beginners and super progressive. You will learn step by step and you can also have personalized support.

Have you thought about what it would mean for you to achieve your dream of learning the clarinet?

You wake up in the morning with a big smile.

You have managed to learn your first notes on the clarinet. Sounds good and easy to you. You are able to decipher the symbols on sheet music and you know the history of the clarinet.

You are now a musician!

And best of all: you have learned comfortably from home and in an easy and fun way, saving a lot of money on the purchase of the clarinet and other material, and you have achieved it in just 2 months!

You have already taken the first step and now it is much easier to continue learning, nothing and no one can stop you from continuing to improve.

Get all this today:


buying the clarinet you need You will know the characteristics of the best clarinets to start learning, so you do not spend an extra euro.


your first sounds and play your first notes. Learn step by step from 0 with modern and fun songs.


your first sheet music I will teach you to decipher the different symbols and notes of the scores so that you learn easily and progressively.


the history of the clarinet, the clarinets used, why it is a transposing instrument and how it affects us, and also some important works of the clarinet repertoire.

Dora Santos (México)

Raúl González (Barcelona)

What does the course include?

  • More than 30 video classes. Complete, step by step.
  • Access to  the comments of the videos , where you will meet the other clarinettists and together we will resolve doubts and share concerns.
  • Access to all updates and new classes that are added.
  • Access to the course forever! The course is scheduled and each week you will learn some lessons and do some homework, which I will supervise to make sure you get the most out of it, but you can watch the classes as many times as you need!

About Gerard Sibila, Your Professor

I have been helping students of all ages and levels to learn the clarinet in an easy and fun way for more than 20 years.

My love for music and specifically for the clarinet began from the cradle, listening to my grandfather play. With him I learned my first notes to later continue my professional studies at the Manresa Conservatory with Juan Plaja and Superiors in Barcelona, ​​with Josep Fuster and Alfons Carbonell and also bass clarinet with Harry Sparnaay.

As a regular clarinettist of the National Youth Orchestra of Catalonia (JONC) I received classes from great clarinetists such as Hans Deinzer, Alan Hacker, Walter Boeykens, José Luís Estellés, Antony Pay or Lorenzo Coppola, among others.

Since I love modern music and jazz, I studied modern saxophone with Alfons Carrascosa and clarinet with Phillippe Colom.

In total I have recorded 4 cd's. “New York City Suite”, with clarinet and bass clarinet and 3 more with Big Band: “A la Big Bom Band”, “Fabes Contades” and “Made in Cat”, with alto and tenor saxophones, and also clarinet and bass clarinet.

But what I am most passionate about is teaching. During the last 20 years, hundreds of students of all ages and levels have learned the clarinet with my method, in music schools and conservatories throughout Catalonia. 

BigBand - Grožnjan-49
DSCF2591 - còpia
foto portada new york city suite
foto portada made in cat
foto portada fabes contades
foto portada a la big bom band
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Take a look at the course!

In the first module I tell you a bit of history, types of clarinets, etc.

Here you can see a little bit of the third module: Let's play! 100% practical.

The second module is to reveal the secrets of the material and you will also learn how to take care of it.

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What do my students say?

José Luis Carchipulla

"This course shows that you can learn the clarinet 100% online and at the same time learn to read the scores while you play"

Eduard Forn

"From the first moment, you notice that Gerard is a very motivated and enthusiastic teacher and is always very attentive to any questions you may have, so throughout the process you feel very accompanied"

Dr. Alexandre de Pomposo

"When I started learning the clarinet, it seemed unattainable to me, I couldn't create a good sound, until I discovered Gerard Sibila's course 1. In less than 7 weeks I managed to improve my sound so much that I don't even think about the embouchure anymore, and all in a way! easy and fun!"

Daniel Muñoz

"Unlike other online courses I've done, this course 1 goes very step by step, it's very clear and all the doubts that have arisen have been answered by Gerard easily and clearly"

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Of course! If you don't have a clarinet yet... Perfect! because there is a lesson where I tell you about the material that you are going to need and I am going to advise you where to buy it, so that you do not spend an extra euro!

This course contains over 30 lessons! Keep in mind that just enrolling in a music school would cost you approximately 60 euros and just for signing up, without taking any classes!

I'm sure this course will help you, but if not, absolutely nothing happens! You have 14 days to try and if you see that it is not for you, I will refund your money. I just want happy students and happy money.

Obviously yes you can. But you will advance slowly and picking up vices that later on will cost you a lot of effort to correct. This course is the fruit of more than 20 years of experience, with students of all ages and levels, seeing what works and what doesn't.

Nothing happens. You have 2 years to access the course and put everything I teach you into practice, but remember that Premium and VIP support have a deadline.

You can access from any computer, tablet or smartphone. You only need an internet connection to access the course and the materials.

Impossible. This course is my personal method. It reflects my way of understanding music and pedagogy and is the result of my 20 years of experience as a clarinet teacher.

Yes. It's scheduled and every week you'll learn a few lessons and do some homework, which I'll monitor to make sure you get the most out of it. The ideal is to follow the programmed rhythm, but, in case something unforeseen arises, you have access to the course for 2 years to be able to finish it at your own pace. Remember that Premium and VIP support ends the last week of the course.

Of course. You just need a computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection.

Nothing at first. But when you have finished the lessons where I advise you on the materials, you should get, at a minimum, a clarinet and reeds to be able to practice and thus learn easy and fun clarinet.

Of course. As long as you have access to the course you will be able to enjoy all the updates and improvements that it makes. What I want is for you to learn easy and fun!

No. By using the support, you automatically give me permission to freely use all the material. But do not worry. I am a serious professional and if I use any of your videos it will be as an example to help other clarinettists to improve.

Do you still have any questions?

Contact me by sending an email to and I will reply as soon as possible.

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Are you ready to learn Easy and Fun Clarinet?

Course 1

$100 8 weeks
  • More than 30 video classes
  • Access to the comments of the video to answer questions
  • Access to course updates and upgrades
  • Access to the course for 2 years
  • No custom support
  • No live class No live class

Gerard Why is this course so cheap?

Because I want to do my bit so that everyone can learn the clarinet, easy and fun!

  1. Remember that:
    • By purchasing the course you agree to answer the course evaluation forms and you give me your consent to use your evaluations to promote them.
    • It is a directed course , organized in 8 weeks, where every week I give you some tasks. Although I consider it important to follow the learning program to get the most out of the course, of course you can go at your own pace.  
    • By using the personalized support, you give me the consent and you give me the image rights of the videos so that I can use them freely in this or future products, marketing, etc...